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marți, 1 iunie 2010

Mesaj din Grecia. Omerta Skinheads Crew Hellas: A crime against life

Almost daybreak, on 31st May 2010, and Israeli army attacked by air and sea a 6-ship fleet that carried 10,000 tons of voluntary aid to the suffering people of Gaza, while sailing in international watercourse. This unprovoked onslaught resulted in 19 civilians being shot dead and 60 more severely injured.

Israel, loyal to the zionist politics it has been fond of since its establishment, murders whoever dares to resist or lay an aiding hand on the resistance’s warriors. Putting on the mask of a smart-dressed businessman and ruling an entire network of international media, the Jew tries to convince the global common mind that he has always been a victim, a pacifist, the poor guy of the story.

His acts themselves prove him a liar.
Gaza, West bank, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt remain merciless witnesses of the zionist ferociousness. Even the large scale contemporary wars, these open wounds of the world, which are ordered and commanded by – what a surprise – jewish masterminds, still use the white peoples so as to feed the meat-mincer of zionism and its imperialistic plans of global occupancy.

It is our duty to stand by both the continuously struggling, through open warfare or severe financial embargo, people of Palestine and all the volunteers on earth who put their lives and freedom at stake in order to form a human chain against Israeli ammunition.

Greek, European, White man,
resist all who condemn Palestine to slavery, tortures, death. It’s really them who are responsible for your own misfortune too, for your own lost dignity. Don’t let yourself be a prey to their interests, freedom of the nations is more important than your consuming amenities. Take action to spread the message of resistance against zionism to as many people you can. Defending what is right and propagating the truth is the most effective weapon in our war against the global tyrant.

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