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joi, 4 august 2011

Unbroken Warrior - The Richard Scutari Letters (book released)

Dear Reader,

I have released a book written about a former member of the Order - Richard Scutari. There is only a limited number of author's copies of the book that I personally sell for 25 € - including the shipping and postage!

A short description of the book:

Unbroken Warrior - The Richard Scutari Letters - 146 pages, softcover

Authors: Henrik Holappa and Magnus Söderman
Printed in Estonia 2011
ISBN: 978-91-85737-04-8

Inspiring and interesting book about Richard Scutari, and his life as a revolutionary warrior.
– Roy Armstrong

When you have read and understood this book, nothing will ever be the same again.
– The Publisher

For over 30 years Richard J. Scutari has been active for the white nationalist movement, first and foremost he is known for his activities in the Order (Silent Brotherhood) in early 1980’s. Since his capture by the FBI in March 19, 1986, Scutari has remained an influential person by his essays and letters throughout America and Europe, and especially for those who have listened to him.

Richard Scutari’s longtime correspondents, Magnus Söderman and Henrik Holappa, have gathered and assembled together Scutari’s written work (letters, essays, quotations) ranging from the mid 1990’s till the first decade of 2000. Söderman and Holappa reveal 14 letters – that have had the greatest impact on them – by Richard Scutari that fascinates the reader and extends the way of thinking.
Unbroken Warrior is a biography, but at the same time it is dedication, for a man that have been able to share his knowledge of history, politics, world view, religious matters and cultural affairs to his correspondents over the years. In spite of a political stance whether it is patriotism, nationalism or National Socialism, this book shall belong to the digest of everyone who cares about race and the values Richard Scutari represents – loyalty, courage and honor. It is also a valuable teaching of ideology and world view.

Magnus Söderman is a writer and political activist. He has been an editor for Swedish nationalist magazine “Nationellt Motstånd” (2006-2010) and prior to that from 2003 he worked as a journalist for the Nationellt Motstånd. Magnus Söderman is also an author for “Uppmarsch för Ragnarök” –book that was published in 2009.

Henrik Holappa is a Finnish dissident and founder of “Suomen Vastarintaliike”. Holappa lived in America 2008-2009 and was detained there in a politically motivated case. Henrik Holappa released an Ebook “Wrongfully Accused” in 2010 about his experiences in America.

How to order?

Contact Henrik Holappa at and make an order. Write in your email how many copies you would like to purchase (no postage or shipping fees of 1-2 copies) and the address where you do want the book to be mailed. All orders will be handled within 2-3 days from the order. The book will be mailed after the payment of 25 €.

How to pay?

Payments accepted via paypal. Paypal address:
More info about paypal, visit at:

All the best and sincerely,
Henrik Holappa

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